Our approach

Research is part of our continuous development. We are always on the lookout for the latest scientific discoveries and new technologies.

Growth Perfection is our mission. We are focused on constant self-improvement. We strive to master our skills and develop competence. That is what the trust in our brand increases each day.

We search for more effective solutions and create perfect formulas to achieve the most optimal results.

All that to satisfy even the most demanding customers and offer them complex hair and scalp care from the inside out.

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What makes us unique

Beautiful and healthy hair is our passion. We know that gorgeous hair can be an asset. That is why we help our customers achieve hair they dream about so that they can feel beautiful, confident and simply gorgeous. We make sure the ingredients we use are of top quality and we oversee the entire production process. We follow the latest hair trends to give you fresh inspiration.

Our brand comprises of advanced, effective and innovative products. Halier has been created for people who value the highest quality and are looking for best solutions. Find out more about our products from the video.


Our values


We use what is best in nature, monitor scientific discoveries and do our own research to uncover unique combinations. We create new hairdressing trends. We act fast and effectively to improve our products to fulfill our customers' expectations.


We carefully select the ingredients, test their safety and make sure there are no side effects. We oversee the entire production and distribution process so that we are certain that our products fulfill the expectations of our customers. Because of that Halier is a trusted brand among customers around the world.


Hair problems can have many causes and usually there is no easy solution. We focus on complex care, offering you collections of products which care for hair from the inside and the outside. Our products are rich in nutrients - we offer you some of the most richest and advanced formulas on the market. That is exactly what your hair needs the most.

Halier products are recommended by renowned hairdressers and trichologists.

I’ve been running a hair salon in Warsaw for nearly 30 years. I deal with various customers: models, actresses and singers. I have worked with people's hair in television, film, theatre and fashion industries. I know almost everything about hair, especially cause my mother was a hairdresser as well. When I was younger I learned a lot from her.

What makes Halier different?

In my career, I have tried many formulas which are supposed to nourish hair. But the only brand which has truly impressed me was Halier. I haven't come across such perfectly composed and rich formula so far. Every ingredient contained in Halier products perfectly nourishes and strengthens your hair.

Some of them are responsible for faster hair growth, others for minimizing hair loss and reducing breakage. Such ingredients guarantee effectiveness.


What do our customers expect?

Customers want to see results. And Halier delivers sensational results every time! I have recommended Halier products to women who used to have thin, brittle and short hair. Now they enjoy bouncy and defined locks. They're confident and beautiful. That's how Halier works.


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Hairvity dietary supplement product photos
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Why is it worth joining our team?

Career at Halier is an opportunity to discover the world of cosmetics and work with a friendly and ambitious team. We offer our employees a chance to continuously improve their qualifications and we value creativity. Even if we do not have job offers which you think are suitable for you, you can send us the completed online form. We will contact you if a job opening appears. Find out what we can offer you!

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